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Weekly sessions are available on Mondays, non-recurring and initial consultations are available on Tuesdays, fortnightly sessions are available on Thursdays and Fridays.

Recurring consultations must be booked by phone or in person.

***Waiting List is Currently Open***

TrueHope is currently taking bookings for initial consultations, however, regular appointments are not available until January 2022. Please consult with your GP if you require urgent therapy.

Telehealth Video Therapy

Treatment via video link is available.
Rebates available for people effected by Bushfires without a referral:

Patients who are eligible may be:
individuals or families who have been impacted by the 2019-20 bushfires
responders or emergency management employees or volunteers who worked during the 2019-20 bushfires.

Therapy for Brisbane, Wynnum, Manly, Carindale, Brisbane Bayside, and Eastern Suburbs

At TrueHope Psychology, we care about your mental health and it is reflected in everything we do. We offer both brief and comprehensive therapy. Some of our services are described below.

Anxiety Help & Panic Help

Some anxiety is a normal part of being a human being. Excessive anxiety is distressing, overwhelming, and incapacitating. Darius is ready to work with you to identify the core causes at the root of your struggle with anxiety.

Depression Help

Depression is a common experience for many Australians. It has many shapes and forms. Darius will help you understand what causes your depression, and methods that will assist with your recovery.

Trauma: PTSD Treatment and Recovery

Some of us are faced with challenges that no person should have to endure, but you do not have to endure alone. If you or someone you love has been confronted by death, injury, illness, or sexual violence you understand this truth. Darius is gentle, compassionate and composed. He will help you to heal from both adult and childhood traumas.

Help with Relationships

There are few things that are as important to us as our relationships with other people. If you are experiencing conflict with your spouse, parents, children, or work colleagues, Darius can help. He will help you to gain insight into the effect of emotion and communication on relationships. He can also help you if you are healing from the aftermath of a relationship breakdown or have difficulty forming relationships.

Use a Registered Psychologist

Registered psychologists undergo extensive university and postgraduate training. They are genuine and authentic people who are experts in caring for your mental health. They have dedicated their lives to helping people through the best and the worst of times. Book an appointment now to speak to your personal therapist.

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Darius Leo

B Psych (Hons) M Psych (Clinical) DipCS (Mental Health) MAPS

Darius is passionate about helping people to find relief from their suffering and cultivate hope for the future. He holds formal qualifications in psychology and community services and has conducted research and teaching for Australian universities. He is the founder and director of TrueHope Psychology.

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