How can TrueHope help?

TrueHope are experienced psychologists who support you to find real relief from distress and find genuine hope. They are experts at helping you to find inner strengths that you didn’t know that you had, and connecting with you in an authentic, empathic, and non-judgemental way. They are all registered psychologists with a minimum of six years of university training and experience. Contact us for a free introductory chat to help us find the best fit for you.

Can TrueHope help me?

TrueHope psychologists are specialists in helping people through the most difficult parts of their lives. These challenges can come in many forms. We may experience personal traumas and lose our sense of personal safety and identity. Or we may lose loved parents and children; our employment; career aspirations; physical health; important relationships; or experience difficulties from being an older adult. At times, we may find it difficult to cope with these because we’re severely distressed, we had a difficult relationship with the person we lost, we weren’t able to grieve at the time of the loss, we had multiple losses happen at the same time, or because we have additional mental health concerns.
Sometimes, losses lead to depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, or other mental health challenges. It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed by losing what is most important to us and asking for support. Book an appointment or organise an introductory chat now.

How do I get help?

By contacting us, we can support you in person at our Brisbane location. Alternatively, if you live rurally, interstate, or have mobility difficulties we can support you by phone, or via a secure video service. Some evening appointments are also available. If you are unsure, get in touch for a free discussion about your needs.

Individual Therapy

Are you looking to make real and lasting changes to your life? Darius has a stepped approach, allowing you to choose from either brief or comprehensive therapy. He will give you skills and strategies to find relief from your distress, and will stick with you as you develop the strength and courage to create the life that you want.

Reduced fee with HCC/Pension Card

Clients who have a referral from their GP (a mental health care plan) and a current health care card (HCC) or pension card issued by centerlink are eligible for a reduced fee. You will need to arrange your referral prior to your first session. Check out our 'Medicare' video for more details.

For Women and Men

Darius provides both brief (3-10 sessions) and comprehensive therapy for women and men aged 16 to 99+. He provides a safe, transparent, and confidential service for all his clients.

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