If you have booked or intend to book a telehealth appointment with TrueHope Psychology please inform us via email hello@truehope.com.au or phone 0434 794 524 if you prefer video or telephone support. By default, the majority of clients are seen via video. It provides you with the most personal experience.

If you have an upcoming video appointment:

TrueHope Psychology uses the ‘zoom’ video platform and telephone to provide telehealth services remotely. Please download the free zoom software (PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone) and test your microphone and headphones before your appointment.

You will be emailed an ‘Invite’ to join a zoom ‘Meeting’ shortly before your appointment. This will open a video connection in the zoom software and your therapist will join you at the appointed time.

The email will also contain links to a brief well-being scale to complete before your session, and a session rating scale to complete after your session. These scales give your therapist a gauge on how your well-being progresses over time and lets them know if there is anything that needs to be adjusted in your therapy.

If you have a phone appointment booked:

Your therapist will call you at the appointed time.

*Please note: By agreeing to receive your therapy via telehealth you are in acknowledgement of the limitations of this format. We take every care to protect your privacy and only use encrypted video conferencing software. However, no online therapy or email communication is as secure as an in-person appointment. If this is a concern for you, please discuss it with the TrueHope staff before your appointment.

Our processes are continually being improved and we welcome any feedback that would improve your experience as we move to an online format. You can drop us a line at hello@truehope.com.au or by phoning 0434 794 524.

I hope to see, or hear from you soon.

Darius Leo

TrueHope Psychologist

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