Brief or Comprehensive Therapy?

What’s the difference?

Brief therapy, involving three to ten treatment sessions, suits people who have a specific therapy goal.  Most people will benefit from this therapy and some people leave at this point and go on to do very well. Others will stay on to do comprehensive therapy or return after a break. Comprehensive therapy is longer and deeper than brief therapy. The longer length of treatment allows for the exploration of deeper levels of personal experience, such as developing insight into how your beliefs shape the way in which you see the world, the impact that your beliefs have on your life, understanding and interpreting childhood experiences, and strengthening your relationships with others. While brief therapy usually occurs weekly, comprehensive therapy may be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Why choose comprehensive psychological therapy?

Comprehensive psychological therapy will help you make deeper changes and maintain these changes across the course of your life. It is suitable for people with a variety of concerns, including: complex or non-existent relationships with their families, chronic or recurring depression, complex or extensive trauma, a wish to modify aspects of their personality, philosophical and existential concerns, or a desire to attain self-actualisation and peak performance.

Funding comprehensive psychological therapy?

Comprehensive psychological therapy is most often self-funded. Some people choose to reduce the cost of therapy by using a mixture of self-funding, medicare rebates, private health insurance, and department of veteran’s affairs. These funding arrangements cannot be used at the same time but can be used one after the other. The cost of a comprehensive psychological therapy session is the same as for brief psychological therapy.

What to expect during therapy?

The initial stages of comprehensive psychological therapy are similar that of brief therapy. Your psychologist will spend time to getting to know and your circumstances. Depending on your preference, you will likely be provided with a range of tools to assist you to manage and regulate your emotions. This improves your psychological functioning and makes it easier for you to explore your experiences. Comprehensive therapy place a large emphasis on helping you to understand and integrate your past, present, and future self. It is more reflective and exploratory than brief therapy. Darius adheres to a strict code of ethical conduct and will always treat you with respect and dignity. Your confidentiality is taken very seriously, and this will be discussed with you at the first session. You are encouraged to cultivate personal autonomy and your therapy will be paced according to your needs.

You can start your recovery by making an appointment for brief therapy now, or read more about the journey of change*.

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