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Psychological Depression Treatment and Depression Help.

Am I Depressed?We all feel down from time to time and this part of our normal psychology. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re depressed. Depression is a pervasive sense of sadness, low motivation, and a loss of pleasure in things that used to bring us joy. Quite often people will feel worthless, hopeless, irritable or guilt ridden. It can become a clinical depression, or major depression, when it last for more than two weeks, stops you from doing your usual activities or is distressing for you. Some people don’t have severe sadness, like in major depression, but feel ‘not great’ (dysthymic). And this can last for months or even years. When we get depressed it can feel like we’re ‘stuck’ in a hole and nothing we do seems to help. It saps our motivation and can make it very difficult to recover from a depression on our own, even when ....

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