Chronic Disease Management Rebates

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This form of Medicare funding is designed to help people who are living with a chronic illness or a chronic disease and need some psychological counselling to help them to cope with this illness or limit the affect that it’s having on their lives. In some circumstances this will include chronic mental health conditions.

The size of these rebates is less than what you would get under a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP). So, most people will access the 10 rebates under a Mental Health Care Plan first, and then transfer to the Chronic Disease Management program. At he time of publication the rebate is $52.95.

If eligible, you can claim up to five of these rebates each calendar year. That is, from January 1 to December 31st. At midnight on New-Years-Eve, the clock resets and you have another five rebates for the following year.

The way to access this funding is to make an appointment with your GP and discuss your eligibility. If you are eligible request a referral to TrueHope Psychology or your preferred psychologist, and we’ll be able to process these rebates for you.

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