I love what I do. I’m passionate about helping people to find relief from their suffering and cultivate hope for the future. I approach therapy with a sense of compassion, patience, and a belief in the human capacity for growth.

I always aim to create safe and welcoming space where you can openly discuss your challenges, personal sorrows, or heartbreak without fear of becoming overwhelmed or criticised. I’ll encourage you to move at their own pace and supports you with helpful psychological strategies. I use gentle questioning to help you to draw on the strengths that already have, develop new ones, and discover a brighter hope for the future.

Quick Facts

I work with men and woman aged 16+.

I am a clinical psychologist and member of the EMDR Association of Australia.

I hold a Masters of Psychology (Clinical) and is a registered clinical psychologist.

My theoretical orientations are psychodynamic, mindfulness based, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.

I have experience in lecturing in psychology.

My current research interests are in the psychological aspects of transcendent experiences, trauma, and professional supervision.


When I’m not conducting research or therapy, Darius enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing with his dogs, and spending time by the sea.

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