How to claim a Medicare rebate.

Step 1: Are you eligible for a Medicare card?

Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens, and Australian permanent residents are eligible for a Medicare card. This card entitles you claim back a proportion of the fees that you pay to see a registered psychologist.

Step 2. Obtain a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) from your GP.

These are the referrals that entitle you to your Medicare rebate. Give your GP the details of your TrueHope therapist and they will send your referral through to us. It is also a good idea to bring a copy of your referral with you to your first appointment. If your GP hasn’t sent your referral through to us in time, you will not be able to claim your Medicare rebate. In addition to GP’s, psychiatrists and paediatricians can also provide these referrals.

Step 3. Attend your session.

At your first session, provide your credit card or debt card details. Your account will be charged for the total cost of the session. That is, for the Medicare rebate amount + any gap fee. It is important you have enough in your account to pay for this full cost. At your first appointment, you will be asked for your Medicare card, and Health Care card details (if applicable). You will normally only need to provide this information at your first session.

Step 4. Automatically receive your rebate from Medicare.

That’s it. Medicare will then deposit your rebate amount directly into your bank account (normally within 24 hours).

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