Private Health Insurance

For the most part, it is not worth taking out private health insurance just to pay for your therapy sessions. And that’s because the cost of the insurance will likely be greater than the cost of the therapy sessions. There are three exceptions to this.

1. If you have this cover all ready. If this is true for you, access those rebates that you’re entitled to.
2. If you would like cover for your physical health as well. In that case you might like to consider a package that covers both your physical health and your mental health. You will want to make that psychology is included in your package.
3. If you need cover for in-patient psychiatric treatment. If you have private health insurance, it means that you can access a more comprehensive treatment. It also means that if you choose to go to a private hospital that will be much more affordable for you.

We don’t endorse any of the specific providers, but we are linked in to several the larger ones and we can process those rebates on your behalf. If we aren’t linked to your provider that’s ok. We can give you a receipt for payment and you can submit that to them directly, and still access your rebate.

Most providers will cover pre-existing mental health conditions but there is normally a two-month waiting period.

We can’t comment on any specific policy, but if you give us a call we will help any way that we can.

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